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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

NBA Live 06 & Top Spin 2 -- Xbox 360 Preview

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NBA Live 06 : "NBA Live 06" next-gen preview at E3

"Out of all the next-generation EA Sports games I demoed at E3, I'd have to say that NBA Live 06 had the most realistic player models... and that's saying a hell of a lot. The same extensive detail that was used in the other EA Sports next-gen titles (Madden, FIFA, and Tiger Woods) is present, but it seems as if it can be showcased the most in NBA Live with the minimal amount of pads, headgear, or even clothing. The facial nuances; pores, hair, razor stubble, all exist in Live but it's the sweat that you'll notice most. If there is any sport where you can see an excess of sweat, its basketball. In NBA Live it's flying all over just like it would be in real life."

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Top Spin 2 : "Top Spin 2" next-gen impressions and screens

"There were very few next-generation sports games on the floor at E3 that I could get my hands dirty with and actually play the game in a semi-complete state. 2K Sports ended that slump with a playable demo of their upcoming Xbox 360 release Top Spin 2.

The graphics look next-gen compared to current Xbox releases, but you could probably find Top Spin 2's visual match on a souped-up PC. The developer claims the game is only 60% complete so the graphics may very well get another pass before it goes gold. The characters, courts and other elements look good enough to add to your playing experience; they will most likely be a few steps behind most of the EA Sports titles in graphic quality... at least for the '06 round of releases."

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