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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

ATI Xenos: XBOX 360 Graphics Demystified

ATI Xenos: XBOX 360 Graphics Demystified

Ever since the announcement that ATI were working with Microsoft on "Future XBox technologies" the rumour mill has been working overtime as to the graphics behind it. Some of the messages since the announcement of the XBOX 360, the eventual console ATI's work will appear in, have not necessarily been reflective of the actual operation and even a little contradictory from representatives directly from ATI.

With strict NDA's and designs being built for two different competitive consoles, very tight controls of what could be talked about had to be implemented within ATI, and the XBOX group operated very much within their own silo; it wasn't until Microsoft lifted the NDA's that ATI could even speak of it on a wider internal basis, let along externally, and even then there is a lot of information to gather.

Overall it looks as though Xenos represents some highly interesting design choices on many fronts and clearly seems as though ATI have attempted to come up with a very different architecture to at the very least target the needs of the XBOX 360 console platform. It will be very interesting to see the performance and quality of graphics it is able to produce once developers have had decent access to development kits based on the final hardware, however we suspect that it won't be until the second generation of XBOX 360 titles before we see developers being able to seriously scratch the surface of understanding the processing capabilities of Xenos and the XBOX 360 as a whole.

About ten times more information in this article than any other I have read on the 360. If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty check it out. I mean seriously like 10 pages of information on how the entire system works....these guys really did their homework.

Full Story: ATI Xenos

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