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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Email to Major Nelson

The Email to Xbox Live's Major Nelson

Major Nelson, the force and voice behind the Xbox and Live actually responded quite quickly to the email sent to him today...or at least Xbox live programming did. The 360 still has some tricks up it's sleeves and for good reason. So here is how the email exchange went...

Will the 360 support WMV/HD, Windows Media Video/HD format.....and if so how????
I am trying to outblog my friend who is a a PS3 fanboy....any ammo will help....

We have not made any announcements on that front............yet.

Haahhaaa....the response so short and so sweet. The story that prompted this email is below.

"The world might at last know the identity of Watergate's Deep Throat, but Microsoft's intentions toward the high-definition DVD business still remain a mystery.

WMV/HD-equipped DVD computer drives sell for less than $250 retail, far less than the $800 to $1,000 list prices expected on the first HD DVD or Blu-ray drives."

Full Story: Microsoft's Strategy still unclear

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