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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pittsburgh girl gets sneak peak at Xbox 360 invoice

Xbox 360 games available 11/02/05, 60 bucks



Agarwal sends good tips. Here’s an example — a first hand account of what the EBGames folks know about the 360. Whether these tidbits are “final” or not is another question. Saurabh writes…I was just at my local EBGames store here in Pittsburgh, PA, and the guy at the counter showed me this print out he just got with all the release titles, dates, and prices for the games for the XBOX360!!!

The majority of the games are slated for release on 11/02/2005 with a few on the sheet slated for within a week after.The games included FIFA 2006, Tiger Woods, and many others (did not see a Halo though…which leads me to suspect it will come out when PS3 comes out).Games were priced at $59.99.

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