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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rumor Mill: The Revolution Helmet

Rumor Mill: The Revolution Helmet

By: Bryan Randal

Well let the rumors start flying. There is some information floating around the web about a Revolution Helmet or the "ON" helmet. This could be the revolutionary controller that Nintendo speaks of or just a hoax. I am giving this some credit for a couple reasons. If you look at the images you will see the tail end of the word "Revolution" now if you look at the video from IGN linked below you will see something interesting. The "Nintendo ON" logo in the video looks the same as the letters "ON" in revolution. Confused yet?? Well they look the same, I'm not saying that the video is legit but it has ties to the pictures. My theory is that this video is quite old, a initial pitch video maybe. The images are the final version and the helmet design has strong ties to the Revolution console. Only time will tell if this is fact of fiction.

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Anonymous HALO_IZ_GOD!
please this has virtua boy written all over it...  

Blogger Blunt
lol....didn't that burn peoples retna's, yea it could be horrible.

Imagine sitting in your living room with that thing on. I think that would be the final straw with my girlfriend. She would walk in, yell "DORK" and just leave forever.  

Blogger D.Vader
Yeah I have been called a Dork over Teamspeak and PlanetSide. But then again, when your girlfriend comes in the room and you are saying "get to the back of the base and take out the generator" you tend to sound like a Major dork.  

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