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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Xbox 360: Gamercards, Gamerzones & Xbox Live

Xbox 360:
How will Gamercards & Gamerzones work on XBOX Live?

By: Bryan Randal

So there are two new features that will be added to the Xbox Live service that we have some information on. Think of it like a bio-live, something that is a first for online console gaming but definitely not a brand spankin new concept. It is the same thing you will find on this blog "about contributors" or your IM profile.

The part that does sound kind of interesting is that other players online will be able to rate you and this will effect your "reputation" while your "gamerscore" is effected by actual game play.

“Anywhere you see a Gamertag you’ll be able to see that person’s gamer card. So if you get a friend request you’ll have a quick way to see if you’re compatible with that person. You can access their gamer card and see everything you need to know in a really compact format. You can see from their reputation if other people have enjoyed playing with them, their gamerscore will give you an idea of how much they game, and by checking the gamer zone they’ve chosen you’ll know a lot about their attitude and the kind of gaming experience they’re looking for. Checking out gamer cards will also be useful when you’re in a game lobby and are trying to decide who you want to play with and which session to join. The other cool thing about gamer cards is that you will see how each gamer relates to you.” –Michal Bortnik

The other feature will be gamer zones. This will just let you specify what find of zone you would like to be in. Examples like family zones and R&R zones are given in the Q&A.

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