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Monday, July 18, 2005

Carrot Tops son plays a 360 and has the pics to prove it

Carrot Tops son plays a 360 and has the pics to prove it

By: Bryan Randal

You’re grounded until daddy finds a new job!!! A Regulatory Compliance Manager at Microsoft apparently left his evil son alone with a Xbox 360 test unit and ended up paying with his job. The kid shown in the pic above apparently has his friend take the pictures for proof. The unit looks real enough but you can tell from the wires protruding from the top and the fixed hard drive that it is in fact a beta or test unit. The kid also claims that the user interface is stunning and that the unit had an external power supply that was very bulky. [more]

Anonymous Morrigan LeFay
I think it is a fake. See my reasoning at the redassedbaboon post:  

Anonymous Anonymous
MorganLefy: I think you are a douche.  

Blogger Blunt
lol...the more I look at these pics the entire unit looks like a fake. Could be because it is a beta unit but it looks like a home made mold or somthing.  

Blogger D.Vader
"MorganLefy: I think you are a douche."

Nice to see you donate to the discussion. Don't shoot the messenger!  

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