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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

First Look at Dogtag for the XBOX 360

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First Look at Dogtag for the XBOX 360

A lot of squad-based shooters have been pretty straightforward good guy-versus-bad guy games, usually consisting of an elite military force fighting against terrorists, insurgents, assassins, or what have you. Diezel Power's upcoming Dog Tag will attempt to offer all the action you'd expect from a modern-day squad-based shooter, but it will also pit your squad of elite SpecOps troopers against a platoon of friendlies. According to the game's story (which will figure heavily into the game's 15 missions), this squad of a dozen highly trained Marines disappeared somewhere in Africa, and your four-man fireteam has been dispatched to find out what happened to them.

WOW!!! An actual in game screen shot.

Your team, left at the drop zone, begins surveying the Marines' last-known whereabouts in the burned-out city. They immediately begin taking fire, and your squadmates soon discover that the enemies are heavily equipped with real-world firearms, land transports, tanks, and even attack choppers, and that they have been entrenched for months. Soon after, to their horror, they discover that the enemy is the very squadron of Marines they were dispatched to rescue.

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