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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bethesda On 360 Development With and Without HDD

Bethesda On 360 Development With and Without HDD

"Bethesda's Todd Howard, the executive producer on the 360 RPG Oblivion, recently told Game Informer magazine "...Oblivion will still work on every 360. That being said, Oblivion takes full advantage of the hard drive and uses it extensively, so we'd certainly recommend that everyone gets one."

But just what does "extensively" mean? What, besides improved load times, will make the game experience better enough to warrant the extra $100 expenditure? In speaking to website, Peter Hines, V.P. of Marketing and Public Relations at Bethesda added to Howard's comments on what the HDD would mean for gamers.

"We definitely plan to take full advantage of the hard drive for Oblivion and you will see the results in the game's performance, faster load times, etc... How much of a difference? We don't know yet," admitted Hines.

He continued, "Does the difference in performance justify buying a hard drive? Well if you were only doing it for Oblivion, it might not be worth $100 just for one game. But, considering that there will certainly be other games that will take advantage of the hard drive as well, not to mention other functionality the hard drive allows for, I don't think there's any question in our minds that the hard drive is well worth it. That's the version we plan to buy."" [more]

Here is a small bit of information that we never really posted on our site. Basically goes on to cover how Bethesda Softworks developed Oblivion with the HDD dilemma in mind. Just drop the core system and save us all some headache MS.

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