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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rumble Roses XX (working title) First Look- XBOX 360

Rumble Roses XX (working title) First Look

"Though Konami's Xbox 360 follow up to the PlayStation 2's Rumble Roses was announced for Japan, there was no official word of the all female grappler appearing in the U.S. That situation changed today with Konami's announcement that the all women wrestler, dubbed Rumble Roses XX, is bound for Microsoft's upcoming console in states. The game is the second entry in the franchise which began last year on the PlayStation 2 with Rumble Roses. For the new 360 entry in the series, the Japan based developer is aiming to buff out its wrestler with new features and improved graphics that will take advantage of Microsoft's new console.

The short trailer released along with today's announcement shows off many of the elements the series is known for: scantily clad women, an audience that reacts to the action in the ring, over the top fighting, and rock music. However it only hints at what to expect from the upcoming game. The game is slated to include more than 20 playable characters including the two poster girls from the first game, Reiko and Dixie, and all the popular ladies from the first game. You'll be able to take your lady brawler into a variety of different solo modes and face off against the other wrestlers to unlock other opponents. You'll also find new modes such as tag team mode which lets you go take a pair of ladies through a host of different paired foes. The mode will let you perform the expected special team combos, but also offers some dramatic moments such as team break ups and accidental attacks on your teammate. The new battle royal and elimination modes will test your skills in tough fights. Arguably the biggest and best new element to Rumble Roses, aside from the added polygon counts on the character models, is the inclusion of online play for what appears to be two players. Though all of this may sound like a pretty daunting challenge, you'll find that all the wrestlers in the game have a greater number of moves to master- in some cases resulting in a whole feel for the fighters.

However, despite all the new features, Rumble Roses XX isn't forgetting its roots. Besides the returning characters from the original title, the game is bringing back many systems seen in the first game. The persona system returns, changing your wrestler's appearance and fighting style based on whether they're good or bad. You'll find a specific set of costume changes moves, and crowd receptions based on your fighter's virtues.

Combat will be a mix of old and new with fan favorite moves and tactics such as traditional suplexes, kicks and elbows in full effect. You'll be able to perform character specific attacks that will show off their personalities as well as string them together to create devastating combos. Taunts, which reflect their good or bad nature, will let you play to the crowd or simply rile your opponents. A superstar system will reward characters who are popular with the crowd with enhancements that give them an advantage during the match.

Rumble Roses XX release for the Xbox 360 in the US has yet to be announced. Look for more on the game as it becomes available."

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