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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Xbox360 Rubi Demo: Pushing a Million Polygons

Xbox360: Pushing a Million Polygons

By: Bryan Blunt

During the most recent Rubi demo held by ATI we got a chance to see some true potential. These screenshots were rendered at 720p. The demo leader said that the Rubi model was redered with 70,000 polygons while some of it's elements were pushing up to 120,000 poly's per character. The grand fanale was absolutely surreal and it rendered 1,000,000 poygons per scene according to the narrator!!!

The demo leader also proclamed that the graphics card in the Xbox 360 was noticeably more powerful than the upcoming R5XX series. This power cannot be matched by ANY PC on the market today, but by year end ATI said it would be possible for the PC's to start catching up.

These shots only begin to describe the crisp detail of the scenes. We have NEVER been treated to a display like this, it was truly the first XBOX 360 demo that showed the true power of the machine.

Anonymous JOJO
POLY-POWER, cool shots  

Anonymous Stemstien
When will we see something from the PS3? You guys have any interviews scheduled?  

Blogger Blunt
No interviews with Sony but we have a scheduled interview with Bethesda Softworks. We will get some news on Oblivion and more upcoming titles.  

Blogger Neko
No vidéo ??  

Blogger D.Vader
PS3 still in preproduction. You won't hear too much more news from them until Xbxo 360 is already in the MFR process.  

Anonymous Anonymous
How many G5s are hidden under the display this time?  

Blogger D.Vader

Anonymous Anonymous
i do beleive Microsoft was runing the Xbox 360.  

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