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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Origen Xbox 360: Sept 6th Update

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Origen Xbox 360: Sept 6th Update

"We all know the reproductive rate of rabbits is notorious and it was a no brainier that at some point our mysterious rabbit would be joined by more bunnies. Well, that happened today, Sept. 6th and in addition to the new rabbit, two new fruits (we don’t think they are apples) have also popped up between the leaves of the Origen Xbox 360 tree.

Origen Xbox 360 is a new teaser site registered to Microsoft Corp. that features a backward countdown to September 27th at twelve o'clock; midday. Origen is the spanish word for origin but an update on the .org variant redirected visitors to a standard Google search for the words ORIEntal GENeration, leaving us clueless about what exactly the origen word really means in this puzzle." [more]

If you click on the link above you will get a summary of all the recent theories related to this website that seems to be updating periodically with new clues. The theories range from a secret launch title to the Xbox 360 being a region free device. These theories were plucked directly from a TeamXbox forum, I have included the link to the original forum thread below as well as an interesting update to this story.

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