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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Xbox 360 Live prices leaked?

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Xbox 360 Live prices leaked?

"French website has recently posted up what it's claiming are the prices we can expect to pay for Microsoft's online Xbox Live service once the Xbox 360 has been launched. For its part, Microsoft is refusing to comment on the speculation, though we must say the prices being suggested by the site aren't a million miles away from our expectations.

According to the site, 360 owners will be able to choose from multiple Live packages. For those who are serious about their online gaming, the grand-sounding Premium Gold Pack will be available for US$69.99 (£38 / €56 / AU$92), and will come with a 12 month subscription to Live, an Xbox Live headset (hopefully these are a bit more robust than the Xbox 1 headsets - ours broke after we dropped it five feet onto a wooden floor), $20 off an Xbox 360 game and 200 Xbox Live marketplace points (which allow you to download minigames, extra game content and whatnot). Oh, and you'll be able to play Billiards in the Xbox Live Arcade.

A non-Premium Gold Card will cost US$59.99 (£33 / €48 / AU$78) and allow you 12 months of Live subscription, without all the trinkets offered by the Premium bundle. A 3 Month Premium Gold Pack is a mere US$39.99 (£22 / €32 / AU$52) (again, this comes with a three month subscription and a headset, as well as $10 off a game, 100 marketplace points and access to Xbox Live Arcade game Joust). A normal 3 Month Gold subscription is US$19.99. (£11 / €16 / AU$26). At the bottom of the pile is the 1 Month Gold Card, which will supposedly be priced at a very reasonable US$7.99 (£4.50 / €6.50 / AU$10.50). "

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