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Sunday, October 16, 2005

More Pictures of the Mysterious Sign Appear

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More Pictures of the Mysterious Sign Appear

"On Friday, we reported the pictures of the mysterious sign that has been spontaneously appearing in real-world locations around the country.

Today, we were contacted by anonymous person who provided us with more pictures and further details on what exactly 'The Beginning is Nigh' means.

The sign is a puzzle, and it is a promise: 'I will bring them together to witness the New Beginning before the rest of the world. And I will reward them with a physical manifestation of the power of this sign.'

This unidentified person told us that the photos have not been altered in any way. He said: 'the sign is real, and it is out there...'"

"Hex168 was the name given to the October 2005 viral marketing campaign by Microsoft for its upcoming console, the Xbox 360. The [6] campaign focused on perpetuating a number of images of crop circles over popular Xbox websites which culminated in a link to the afore mentioned site. The page itself was filled with a number of references to '360', from locations with postal codes "360" to the anagram near the top of the page "Hex alert: e-seer prefers yetis" which translates to "Free pre-release Three-Sixtys"."

Wikipedia takes a stab at it (bottom of listing)

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