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Thursday, October 13, 2005

PlayStation 3 developers migrating to Xbox 360 development

PlayStation 3 developers migrating to Xbox 360 development

"The beat on the street is that many Sony PlayStation 3 developers are jumping ship and defecting to the Microsoft Xbox 360 camp due to high development costs for the PS3.

If the initial investment for PS3 is only $17.6 million (US Dollars), it's not a large enough budget for software companies that want to development games for the Sony PS3. That figure does not include the actual development costs associated directly with the title.

There was a recent article about the PS3 developer support that has an insider source claiming that the initial investment falls short for PS3 software development.

According to the insider source relating to the initial investment, 'nothing but a nightmare for many Japenese software development companies.'

With Xbox 360 being here within weeks, one has to wonder what the future holds for PS3 if these articles about a PS3 insider are true.

There has also been speculation on when the Sony PlayStation 3 will release. The first speculation happened while at E3, when there was no real presentation for the PS3. However, Microsoft Xbox 360 went full-force with their presentation.

Some PS3 game companies feel that the PlayStation 3 will not be out until Q4 2006, while Sony is saying Spring 2006.

Only time will tell. "

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