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Monday, May 16, 2005

Apple + Sony = PS3

Apple + Sony = PS3?

Rumors have surfaced about a possible partnership with Apple and Sony to deliver iPod compatability to the PS3. Possible features listed below:

iPod connectivity
Connect your iPod to the PS3 and play your music through the PS3. I would imagine that graphical feedback would be presented on the screen.

iTunes linkup
Utilize iTunes features through the PS3. Download tracks through the PS3 and wirelessly play iTunes music from your home computer.

Sync support
Sync your iPod with iTunes with the PS3. This would not require a computer to sync and use features such as playlist organization, add/remove tracks, etc.

There are a few articles floating around about this. Nothing has been confirmed.

Full Story: Rumors Spread About Sony’s PS3

Full Story: Apple Sony iTunes PlayStation partnership mooted

Blogger Blunt
The Xbox 360 features a removable 20 gig hard drive....Apple's we don't need no stinkin Apple's...the iPod is not special.  

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