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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Move Over Xbox, PS3's Coming Soon

Wired News: Move Over Xbox, PS3's Coming Soon:

"'PS3 truly is the system to be placed in the center of living rooms in homes around the world,' Ken Kutaragi, the head of Sony's game unit, said at a press event ahead of the start of the E3 annual industry trade show.

Kutaragi, known as 'the father of the PlayStation,' beamed as he stood next to a display of the curved PS3 offered in three colors -- black, silver and white -- and a boomerang-shaped game controller.

Sony said the PS3 would have twice the processing speed of the Xbox 360, the console Microsoft is expected to release in November with up to 40 software titles.

'Sony's console looked like a next-generation game machine and in comparison to the graphics of the PS3, Microsoft's looked like Xbox 1.5,' said Takashi Oya, analyst at Deutsche Bank."

Anonymous Anonymous
hmmmmmm interesting....the Asian guy said the Sony graphics looked better go figure.

"He sounded AAAssssian....I think they were AAsssiannn"-The Cable Guy  

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