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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Final Fantasy XI For PS3 & PC as well?


"New PC and Xbox 360 details emerge, plus a possible PS3 version mooted too

12:10 In the latest issue of Famitsu - the magazine it's almost worth learning Japanese to read - Hiromichi Tanaka, senior VP at Square and all around Final Fantasy guru - has been talking about the next-gen console version - or versions - of Final Fantasy XI.

According to Tanaka-san, there will be new spells, new jobs, and a whole bunch of other additional content in the game, as well as double the draw distance of the current PC version. A beta test is said to be starting soon too, though how exactly this is going to work without lots of Xbox 360s is as yet undisclosed.

In the "shocking revelations" department, Tanaka also revealed that - depending on whether or not it'll have a hard drive (we're betting a big yes for that one), the Sony Playstation 3 might also be in line for a version too, leading to some direct competition over one of the only truly successful console MMOs."

Now if they set this up so Xbox 360, PS3 and PC players all play on the same servers that would be quite cool.

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