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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

PS3 Worldwide spring 2006 or Q3 2006?

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2 conflicting stories have hit the net, one says PS3 by Spring 2006 the other says by Q3 2006. What's true? At this point it's to early to tell. I believe Sony is still on the Spring 2006 worldwide kick. I am not sure where UBI is alluding to a Q3 2006 release. Now hopefully this won't fall under the Duke Nukem Forever category, "it's done when it's done". Both stories are quoted below.

PlayStation 3 To Launch Q3 2006

"PlayStation 3 fans might not want to hear this news, but remember, this is only an 'estimation'. Third-party video game publisher Ubisoft is estimating a launch in the third-quarter 2006.

Ubisoft are among the first to know specifics related to hardware production schedules in order to coordinate development time for future games. Ubisoft's estimation will have the PS3 launching close to one year after Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Microsoft Xbox 360 is scheduled to release in November 2005.

A launch one year after Xbox 360 would secure Microsoft game sales even before the PlayStation 3 hits the store shelves. Such a gamble is unlikely for Sony, which is determined to continue the next-generation console domination.

Only time will tell."

PS3 to hit Europe spring 2006?

"Sony exec's hopeful expression of PS3's UK release starts simultaneous worldwide launch speculation

The possibility of a worldwide launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 hardware has been mooted by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss David Reeves, after he made a gentle and easy-to-misinterpret remark regarding the console's launch.

Speaking at the ELSPA International Games Summit in London this morning, the SCEE president and COO remarked, "I like to think the PS3 will launch in Europe around the same time as Kutaragi-san has already mentioned - spring 2006."

Despite being far from official confirmation, this brief hint at the Euro arrival, which matches the date set for the Japanese launch by PlayStation MacDaddy Ken Kutaragi, has sparked speculation suggesting that Sony is also now intending to perform a simultaneous worldwide launch in order to minimise the advantage that the Xbox 360 could take from its own early arrival.

A worldwide release would be a good move for Sony, minimising the effect of Microsoft's own worldwide launch of the Xbox 360 and damaging the company's chances of meeting its bold '10-million-consoles-in-one-year' claim.

It was generally expected that the PS3 would not make it to Europe until Christmas 2006 at the very earliest, which would give the Xbox 360 a whole year head start in the region.

This could, potentially, be a massive blow for Sony as Europe is the company's second-biggest region worldwide, with only the US boasting a bigger installed user base."

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