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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Diary of an Aging Gamer - Generation Lost

Diary of an Aging Gamer - Generation Lost

"So, it's July. The peak of summer, with only the oppressive heat of August to look forward to. Kids are out of school, the weather is taking on some very schizophrenic tendencies, and everyone seems to be operating in a heat-hazed limbo of vacations and lawn sprinklers. It's a time of year that used to be pretty momentous for me. Like everyone who moves past the age of matriculation, however, I discovered long ago that summertime doesn't remain the holy grail of the calendar for your entire life. In fact, as I near my mid-30s, I'm reminded—particularly this year—that I really, really dislike this season. It's too hot, my out-of-school children put a real strain on my work week, and my lawn is already far past saving—I don't know why we even bother putting down grass in south Texas. If not for some really great times at the movies this year, this summer would have been a complete loss.

The big gaming news during the summer, of course, is that my kids are out of school looking for things to do. They need things to keep them busy inside the house once temperatures reach afternoon highs, and I need things to distract them with so that I can get some work done. Inevitably, this results in an early summer shopping trip to the nearest games dealer and procurement of a large handful of games to last the three long months until school starts again. It's always an exciting trip for my children, even if the selection of appropriate games seems to be getting smaller and smaller each year." [more]

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