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Saturday, July 30, 2005

FFVII Trailer Hits Public [PS3]

Square Enix 2005: FFVII Trailer Hits Public

"Square Enix 2005: FFVII Trailer Hits Public
Does this mean a game is really in the works?

"The long-lasting tradition of the Square Enix theater continued at this year's Square Enix Party, which opened its doors for two days of public fun at the Makuhari Messe convention center, just outside of Tokyo. We'll have a full report on what was included in the 30 minutes of trailer footage shown during the theater shortly, but we first have some cool news for Final Fantasy VII fans.

Remember that Final Fantasy VII real time demonstration trailer that wowed everyone at Sony's PlayStation 3 E3 unveiling? Square Enix decided to head off this year's theater with that very trailer. If you're unfamiliar with the trailer, be sure and check it out here.

For the E3 trailer airing of the trailer, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada made it clear that the trailer was just a technical demonstration and was not for a game in development. A similar message was communicated at Sony's recent PlayStation Meeting in Tokyo as the trailer made its first debut in front of the Japanese press.

The reason we're getting all riled up over Square Enix showing the footage to the public is that the trailer, this time, was not appended with a similar message denouncing its use in a game. It's likely that many who viewed the theater, walked away thinking that there's a PS3 version of Final Fantasy VII in development (unless they were capable of understanding the English words "technical" and "demonstration" below the FFVII logo).

Or maybe we're just thinking too hard. Whatever the case, The PS3 realtime Final Fantasy VII tech demo made its public debut today, and we hope we'll see more of it and other similar demos in the future."

I am actually somewhat excited about this one. Hopefully Anime will not hijack this installment of Final Fantasy. If there is any singing, "rock" concerts or cross dressing, count me out.

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