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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Revolution Controller Theory

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New Revolution Controller Theory

"Previous mock-ups have included outrageous information such as gyroscopes and advanced recognition sensors. Others have been more mysterious, but all have included costly components that are definitely out of Nintendo's budget.

But this latest mock-up comes personally as a surprise. So far, none of the previous ones have tied in with Nintendo's comments. One of the last few mock-ups contained the idea of a split controller. One that is able to be separated at the handles. This latest image expands on that idea.

During the immediate post-E3 weeks, Nintendo America's VP, Reginald Fils-Aime gave a few hints at what Nintendo could have up their sleeves with this revolutionary controller. The most prominant hint was that it would have to be functional with the previous Nintendo systems' games, which all utilised very different controllers. Of course, the typical gamer in us all says, 'Why? All games would be playable with the GameCube's controller.' While the GCN's controller can be connected, it seems Nintendo could be headed with plans that allow a different method of classic play."

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