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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Okamoto reveals Xbox 360 game

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Okamoto reveals Xbox 360 game

"Ex-Capcom producer unveils a new party game currently under development by his independent game studio, Game Republic.

At the Xbox Summit 2005, Game Republic president and former Capcom executive Yoshiki Okamoto announced Every Party, a party game for the Xbox 360.

'As you can guess from the title, Every Party is a party game for everybody,' said Okamoto. 'Up until now, I was probably known for games that involved punching, kicking, slashing, shooting, and killing. But this is going to be a party game intended for all ages, so there will be no violence or grotesque scenes.'

Okamoto then presented a game label that mocked CERO's (the Japanese equivalent of the ESRB) icon for violent games, except that it was altered to read "no violence, no gore." The prank pleased the crowd, which was already entertained by Okamoto's jovial appearance. "I'm so happy about making a nonviolent game that I've created this label. Up until now, all my games were labeled with that sticker by default," said Okamoto." [more]

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