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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nintendo Revolution: New Franchises Beyond Mario

Nintendo Revolution: New Franchises Beyond Mario

"EGM sat down with current executive vice president of sales and marketing Reggie Fils-Aime. Here's the interview regarding new franchises and Mario

EGM: So you would say for Revolution, that we should expect more of those key franchises you already have to kind of drive and launch Revolution?

RFA: Absolutely. And as Mr. Iwata said, so we're working on our next true Mario platformer for Revolution; we're working on our next Metroid, and we showed snippets of that work. And I'm actually meeting with Michael Kelbaugh to spend some time with him to understand the vision for our next Metroid Prime game. You'll see Zelda. You'll see Smash Bros. And Mr. Iwata certainly wants that to be a wireless Internet-enabled game because we know it would be so much fun for the core gamer.

So absolutely, for Revolution you will see all of our franchises, plus, we've gone on record to say that we are aggressively working on a number of new franchises. And that is something that has been a criticism of the past, you know, 'Folks, are you milking Mario and doing too many Mario-type games?' We are hard at work at new franchises and we believe that's going to be critical to the launch of Revolution." [more]

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