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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No PS2 price cut coming soon

No PS2 price cut coming soon

"Sony has no plans to drop the price of the Playstation 2 (PS2) console to compete with Xbox 360 in the next few months according to the head of Sony Computer Entertainment in the UK, Ray Maguire. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is scheduled to go on sale in November is the first next generation console that will be released. It will be followed by the Playstation 3(PS3) console early in 2006. Following that release will be Nintendo's Revolution console.

Due to its first mover advantage, Microsoft is confident it will win the battle with Sony worldwide. Sony is hoping to up sales a bit by offering different types of games for the PS2. The PS2 was the first in the current generation of consoles to be released. It was released in Japan in March 2000 and then across Europe in November 2000. Due to competition with Microsoft and Nintendo the price of the console fell quite dramatically over the past few years.

Microsoft believes it made a mistake by releasing the Xbox console a year after the PS2 was released and made sure it would be first to release a console this time around."

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