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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

PS3 May Get 2X or Faster Blu-ray Drive

PS3 May Get 2X or Faster Blu-ray Drive

"Blu-ray, along with the competing HD-DVD format, is set to hit retail markets at the end of this year. Blu-ray's ace in the hole is no doubt the PlayStation 3 though, launching sometime during Spring 2006, roughly four to six months after the format first emerges.

As was the case with CD and DVD drives, the first, minimum speed of players and disc drives will be 1X. The Blu-ray spec puts this at 36Mbps. It usually takes a few months or so before 2X drives hit, then a little more time for 4X and so forth. Because of this usual timeline, it was generally assumed that the PlayStation 3 would be using a 1X drive, with an outside chance at 2X." [more]

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