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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Halo Community Raises Nearly $100,000 for Katrina Relief!

Halo Community Raises Nearly $100,000 for Katrina Relief!

The Bungie store put some T-shirts up for Katrina relief. The item has sold very well and sales have exceeded $90,000. The shirt goes for $19.95, with at least $15.00 per shirt going toward the cause.
"The disaster of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi is an unprecedented tragedy. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. That’s why everything you can do to help will make a big difference. Conditions are actually worsening by the hour - people are dying, disease is spreading and these folks dearly, dearly need our help. The problem is not simply going to go away.

We’ve made a T-Shirt.

Sounds sort of weak when we just say it like that, but it’s something we were able to do, and do quickly. Just so that we’re clear, of the $19.95 the shirt costs, about $15 in cleared funds will go straight to the Red Cross and directly to the disaster relief. Nobody, not Bungie, the Bungie store, or the distributor will clear a penny profit. That’s important. We basically want to get as much cash, as quickly as possible to those in dire need.

The T-Shirt will do three things:

* It will get cash, aid and assistance quickly to the people and organizations that need it.
* It will show your solidarity and outreach to those people so horribly affected.
* It will serve as a reminder that though terrible things try us, but that we can overcome them with friendship and kindness.

Additionally, Bungie Studios is going to donate all of the royalties we earn on any other Bungie Store products for the month of September to the Red Cross. So if you feel inclined to grab something else while you're here, know that a portion of that will also go to those in need.

So do it. Buy a shirt RIGHT NOW. If you’re a kid, and you don’t have a credit card, get your parent to read this, and get them to buy you a T-Shirt. They’ll be gaining a lot more than a dumb shirt."
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Anonymous Anonymous
Fine stuff, but I had like to see Bill Gates taking out his wallet to spend some of his shipload off dollars to the poor people out there. But hey Bill is a money-horny guy an keeps the money for himself, and thats why I dont like him. He's an aashole.  

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