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Thursday, September 15, 2005

TPM chip makes XBoX 360 hard to mod

TPM chip makes XBoX 360 hard to mod

"Microsoft are considerably of plan the new Xbox 360 game computer by means of Trusted platform module chip to improve protection against hacking like the current Xbox. The Xbox uses mainly standard pc components and are relatively easy to crack by soldering the so-called modchip. Hereafter a copied game or even a complete OS, copied there, can be run, such as Linux. 360 has special hardware, with the security already built in.

MS wants to reduce the cracking/modding of the XBoX. The consoles are sold under the cost, whereas the profit comes from the game. Consoles which are used for something else then playing original games are a straight loss. Modifying a game console with as main aim playing copied game has been moreover prohibited in the EU. In July of this year in Great Brittain were for example condemned a 22-year old student because he sold modified Xbox-consoles.

Because these laws can count generally on little respect, MS looks for security in technique. According to a spokesman of MS the security in the new Xbox will be better than everything what has been seen by the hackers so far. Also he admitted however all that is crackable, and the security would be gotten round eventually. Because of the structure of the security however a hack on the one Xbox 360 won't automatically work on another, as a result of which cracking becomes very difficult What the machine will cost is not yet to be certain, but according to the BBC it will be in Europe approximately 300 euro."

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