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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Revolution to be least powerful [But cost $99?]

Revolution to be least powerful

"This is another one of those slightly cryptic posts, I´m afraid. So read on only if you trust me. At any rate, the following is a fact: Nintendo Revolution will be the least powerful of the three consoles. So much so that games will have to be toned down in order to be ported. However, the controller requires additional programming anyway (which was news to me also), so it´s not any more demanding for the developers. Not much more anyway. And bear in mind that the development of exclusive titles is really helped along by the fact that the hardware is not too heavy. And exclusive titles are what Nintendo needs given the controller, so this strategy does add up. If you still consider the above bad news, allow me to console you (pun intended). Firstly, I just got back from Microsoft´s ´X05´ event in Amsterdam and the Xbox360 games do not look like a quantum leap in graphics either. If Nintendo manages to churn out a performance that is visibly better than the Gamecube, they have already levelled with Microsoft in terms of looks, albeit the tech specs will differ drastically. And secondly, there is a rumour accompanying this fact - and it is that Nintendo may be aiming for a $99 launch price. So good news, altogether." [link]

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