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Monday, October 17, 2005

TIME Magazine Praises Revolution Controller

TIME Magazine Praises Revolution Controller

"According to their "What's Next" issue (November 2005), TIME magazine lists the Nintendo Revolution controller as one of the five new things "that will blow your mind."

Nintendo’s unique new controller falls at the number two spot, right after the carbon-fiber composite airplane and just prior to the non-fat deep frying compound.

The article goes on to say that "when it comes to video game controllers, Nintendo has always been an innovator. Back when Atari and its one-button joystick ruled, Nintendo devised a two-button controller with a directional thumb pad. Then came action-sensitive vibration, wireless connectivity and an analog stick for 360 degree steering. Now the company hopes to shake things up with a wireless controller for next year's Revolution console that will allow players to apply real-world physical experience to games. The one-handed grip has motion and position sensors, so if you're playing a Ping-Pong game, you just flick the controller like a paddle. Or, to shoot, take aim and tap a button. For more elaborate games, a second piece with analog stick and two triggers (for that extra itchy finger) can be connected."

Revolution Report will bring word of any blown minds as the Revolution nears release." [link]

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