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Monday, November 28, 2005

300,000 Xbox 360s for Europe

300,000 Xbox 360s for Europe

"Microsoft executive Chris Lewis has said that estimates of 300,000 Xbox 360 units for the European launch are not far from the truth.

Speaking to the German publication Euro am Sonntag, Lewis said that estimates provided by analysts 'were not far removed from reality.' He went on to say that the Xbox 360 could sell out at the European launch. This wouldn't be a surprise if only 300,000 Xbox 360 units make it to Europe for day one this Friday.

There is still much speculation over the reasons for the Xbox 360 shortages. Some say that the low launch allocation has been controlled by Microsoft to ensure a sell-out of the Xbox 360, but this would seem to counter the launch advantage the Xbox 360 has over the PlayStation 3. Surely it's in Microsoft's best interests to get as many Xbox 360s sold as soon as possible, before the PlayStation 3 hype and marketing machine kicks into action. To hold back on units would be insane.

Whatever the reason, expect your regular online gaming hangout to be overflowing with Microsoft rage during Friday. There's bound to be more than a few unhappy, and probably very cold, people." [link]

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