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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Patience 360: Ten Reasons to Wait for PS3

Patience 360: Ten Reasons to Wait for PS3

Free Image Hosting at"Don't rush out to the stores just yet! You may want to save some money and we'll tell you how.

Unless you're the type of gamer who enjoys playing his wares under a rock, then you no doubt know by now that this week marks the official launch for Microsoft's Xbox 360. Several years in the making, the brand new hardware from Gates 'N Company has been receiving plenty of consumer hype in the past few weeks and has been heralded by some as THE big system watch in the upcoming next-generation console wars.

We're here to tell you that they're wrong.

Now don't misunderstand us, we'll be the first to concede that the Xbox 360 is certainly an impressive system with plenty of positives to keep its customers happy. But if you're a fan of high-definition technology, enjoy playing more games than the "other guy," and want to get the most possible bang for your buck, then Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 3 will definitely be the system for you.

Listed below in descending order are the top ten reasons your faithful editors on the IGN PlayStation team think you should wait until next year to make your first next-generation upgrade. And while we absolutely came up with more reasons to ward you off than those listed below, these were the selections that we felt stood out most. Sony fans, this article is dedicated to you so without any further ado, we present to you the Top 10 Reasons to Wait for PS3!" [more]

Blogger Still Standing in Line
Everyone wants a 360. The best, and maybe the only reason not named Metal Gear Solid 4, to get a PS3 is the shortage of 360s.  

Anonymous Anonymous
Reason # 11 to wait for a PS3. The Xbox launched with defective Thompson drives. MS even forced people to pay for repairs. Now the 360 has overheating, disc scratching, and error code messages. Good luck trying to get a replacement from the store due to MS created shortages. MS will deny the problem is widespread and downplay it. MS is used to doing that. I'll wait for the PS3 or by that time maybe MS can release a console without defects. If you own a 360 you have the Windows ME of gaming consoles. Congratulations.  

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