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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Xbox 360 Allocation Numbers for Best Buy

Xbox 360 Allocation Numbers for Best Buy

"A list of Xbox 360 allocation numbers for Best Buy stores in the US for December 18th

As we reported yesterday, Best Buy stores in the US will recieve their second shipment of Xbox 360's on December 16th, with the consoles going on sale December 18th. If you spend any time on any xbox 360 forums, you'll see that the following is spreading like wildfire. Get your lawnchair and sleeping bag ready:

On average most stores will be getting 40 to 50 Xbox 360’s, with some stores getting as few 30 consoles while others will recieve more than 70.

Considering the incredible demand for the console, we suggest you get there as early as possible. Especially if you live in an area getting a lower number.

How many Xbox 360 will your Best Buy be getting?" [more]

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