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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hack Allows Xbox 360 Owners to Stream DivX Video in Real-Time

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Hack Allows Xbox 360 Owners to Stream DivX Video in Real-Time

"Very cool. Casey at Brains-N-Brawn has figured out a way to stream DivX video to the Xbox 360 using Windows Media Endcoder (via HD Beat). This is great news for all us lazy people who would otherwise need a program like Videora Xbox360 Converter to manually transcode each video into Xbox compatible WMV. But there's is one catch, though, you have to be somewhat computer savvy to get this hack up and running. Nonetheless, it's nice to see progress in this area since Microsoft doesn't feel compelled to offer support for competing formats that users want and are currently petitioning for.

Note: mceDivX360 actually tricks Windows Media Encoder to transcode DivX files into Xbox supported WMV on the fly." [link]

Anonymous Anonymous
now that is a good hack  

Anonymous Anonymous
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