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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Microsoft sets Asian prices for Xbox 360, taking orders

Microsoft sets Asian prices for Xbox 360, taking orders

"Microsoft Corp. Monday announced pricing for the Xbox 360 for Hong Kong and Taiwan, where the company plans to introduce the game console on March 2.

The Xbox 360 will be made available in Hong Kong and Taiwan in two versions, costing from US$380 for the Xbox 360 and from US$300 for the Xbox 360 Core System. Prior to the launch, users are able to preorder consoles in these markets, Microsoft said.

The US$380 Xbox 360 package includes the console, a 20G-byte hard drive, wireless controller, Xbox Live headset, high-definition AV cable and an Ethernet cable, Microsoft said. The US$300 The Xbox 360 Core System includes the console, a wired controller and a composite AV cable, it said.

Xbox 360 games will be available in Hong Kong and Taiwan for around US$38, Microsoft said.

The announced pricing for Hong Kong and Taiwan compares favorably to pricing for the console in other markets. The Xbox 360 is available in two versions costing US$300 and $400 in the U.S., £210 (US$372) and £280 in the U.K., and €300 (US$364) and €400 in Europe, respectively. However, only one version of the Xbox 360, ¥37,900 (US$331), is available in Japan.

Pricing for Singapore and South Korea, where the console will go on sale on March 2 and Feb. 24, respectively, has not yet announced by Microsoft. Prices for the console in these markets is expected to be announced soon, said Julie Leong, a Microsoft spokeswoman in Hong Kong." [link]

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