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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hideo Kojima reveals details on Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3

Hideo Kojima Interview

"Q: Is there anymore you can tell us about the storyline or the location for MGS4?

A: If you see the trailer for MGS4, you see we have the concept of 'No place to hide'. That's the kind of the message how MGS4 is going to be. That doesn't mean that Snake will no longer hide or the game is no longer a stealth game. It will be a stealth game, however the situation will change because in the past there was a concrete wall of a building or some jungle where Snake could hide. But in the event like in the trailer, when a bomb explodes in a building, he has no place to hide because the environment might move or might fade away getting destroyed. There might be situations where Snake cannot hide so that's why we say 'No place to hide'.

That's the biggest hint and I hope you understand that I cannot say anymore about it. Also, another hint is that you will probably get another feel of a stealth game. In the past MGS series it was very clear the good guys against the bad guys, Snake against someone so Snake had to sneak in some enemy's base. But this time it won't be simply A versus B, there will be more groups like A, B, C, D, there will be more complex situations where it's not your everyday hero versus the villain. That's another point of the theme "No place to hide". There might be a situation where according to your situation or who you stand for there might be no place to hide so you get a totally different feeling even though it's still a combat stealth game. "

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