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Friday, May 20, 2005

Long wait for Nintendo Revolution

BBC NEWS | Technology | Long wait for Nintendo Revolution

"Gamers could be in for a long wait before they get a chance to see Nintendo's new home console in action.

Nintendo officials at the E3 games expo in Los Angeles suggested that the first opportunity to try out the Revolution would be at next year's show.

The machine was unveiled on Tuesday but few details were given about the machine or when it would go on sale.

In contrast, rivals Sony and Microsoft have provided detailed technical information about their new consoles.

Just ramping up the specs does not guarantee success,' said Mr Merrick ... Being the first one out of the box also does not guarantee success Jim Merrick, Nintendo

Your say on the new consoles Life at the E3 games expo Both feature powerful processors, as well as advanced graphics and display capabilities.

'Nintendo doesn't want to get into a specification shouting match,' said Jim Merrick, the company's European Marketing Director. 'I just don't think that it is relevant.'"

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