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Monday, June 06, 2005

LucasArts' President Jim Ward Interview

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LucasArts Interview
"In this exclusive interview, we discuss the future of gaming with LucasArts President Jim Ward.

Jim Ward is President of LucasArts and Vice President of Marketing and Distribution at Lucasfilm. He began his career in advertising and was responsible for the promotion of Apple's Powerbook. Now heading LucasArts, he's responsible for bringing such franchises as Star Wars and Indiana Jones to the gaming public. In this exclusive interview, we ask Ward how LucasArts aims to succeed in the current market, where the future of gaming lies and how the company views the next generation of consoles.

Coming from the movie industry, you must be pretty happy about what the new gaming consoles can do graphics-wise?

I'm more excited about what the next generation consoles allow us to do in what we are focused on which is revolutionizing the ideas of storytelling and character development. With the raw power and capacity that those consoles have, that will allow us to do our job better."

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