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Friday, June 03, 2005

Next Grand Theft Auto not locked up for PS3

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Next Grand Theft Auto not locked up for PS3

"In an interview with, Take-Two Interactive CEO Paul Eibeler tells the online publication that the home for the next Grand Theft Auto installment has yet to be determined.

Eibeler told TheStreet that the company is taking a 'wait-and-see' attitude to the market and will study it to see whether an exclusive deal will benefit the company.


An exclusive deal with a console manufacturer to debut the next installment could be a major factor in next-generation console sales. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all striking deals to have games appear only on their next-generation systems in order to secure games that can't be played on rival systems.

Pubishers will take a more careful approach to development in the next video game wars. As development costs skyrocket in the competitive game market, sales are far from guaranteed and publishers must devote resources wisely. Midway recently announced that it would have launch titles for the Playstation 3 but not the Xbox 360, although the company does have titles in development for Microsoft's next-generation machine."

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