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Friday, June 03, 2005

ATI Looking to Extend Microsoft Partnership

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ATI Looking to Extend Microsoft Partnership

"ATI Technologies is providing the graphics chip at the heart of the Xbox 360, but it appears they would like to do more with Microsoft than just the 360. As ATI's business expands beyond graphics cards for personal computers, the company is increasingly looking to provide graphics solutions for other multimedia devices and Microsoft could be a part of that strategy.

Ontario, Canada-based ATI Technologies Inc., a leader in graphics solutions for PCs, cell phones, game consoles and other multimedia products, recently indicated that it would like to continue working with Microsoft in the future, not just for the upcoming Xbox 360 next-generation platform. "

"The opportunity is to do much more together [with Microsoft] in a range of devices, and that's what we want to do because we believe this technology is ultimately redeployable in different forms," Dave Orton, ATI CEO

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