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Friday, June 03, 2005

Xbox 360 release dates and software pricing revealed

Xbox 360 dates and software pricing revealed

"EBgames and make pricing suggestions. Plus: Burnout 360

Retailers and have added product pages for Xbox 360 launch games to their listings, with both sites displaying higher-then-normal prices for software, indicating a new pricing trend for next-gen titles.

Both sites are listing games such as Dead or Alive 4, Call of Duty 2, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and Project Gotham Racing 3, with titles carrying a price tag of $59.99 on and a RRP of £49.99 on - that's higher than the price of current-gen new releases by $10 for US games and £10 for UK titles.

With regards to dates, EBgames has all its titles pencilled in for a 1 November release, nicely hinting at the US date of the hardware itself. goes one better by having the console actually listed along with the software, both carrying a 29 November release date, which, when compared to the EBgames date, works out about right - Microsoft has said there would be a three to four week gap between the US and UK launch. also has the console available for pre-order at a staggering £399. This, however, is unlikely to be the final price, though, given that J Allard only recently told the press that Xbox 360 would be 'in the neighbourhood' of $300.

Also, despite only having been confirmed for PS2 and Xbox, Burnout Revenge has appeared on both EBgames and's Xbox 360 listings, seemingly confirming that EA is bringing the game to next-gen consoles after all."

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