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Thursday, June 02, 2005

PlayStation 5 predicted to be as powerful as the Human Brain!

Image Source: (AP photo)

Brain downloads 'possible by 2050' - May 23, 2005

"By the middle of the 21st century it will be possible to download your brain to a supercomputer, according to a leading thinker on the future.

Ian Pearson, head of British Telecom's futurology unit, told the UK's Observer newspaper that the rapid advances in computing power would make cyber-immortality a reality within 50 years.

Pearson said the launch last week of Sony's PlayStation 3, a machine 35 times more powerful than the model it replaced, was a sign of things to come.

'The new PlayStation is one percent as powerful as the human brain,' Pearson told the Observer. 'It is into supercomputer status compared to 10 years ago. PlayStation 5 will probably be as powerful as the human brain.'"

Great, that's all we need is dead friends and relatives hoggin up our system resources. Now I wanna know if you will be able to do a "death match" in Quake 25 vs. your dead relatives and friends?

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