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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sony Boss Kutaragi Slams Microsoft

Image Source: (AP Photo)

Sony Boss Slams Microsoft - News at

"President of Sony Computer Entertainment Ken Kutaragi has launched a savage attack on Microsoft’s ongoing Xbox project, declaring the firm’s offering is “not a threat” to the PlayStation brand.

“Microsoft is trailing behind us and is not a threat,' Kutaragi declared. 'It is good at improving, but we will be advancing to the next level with revolutionary technology. Beating us for a short moment is like accidentally winning a point from a karate master and Microsoft is still not a black belt.'

And Kutaragi-san, a well established proponent of anti-PR, wasn’t finished. In the same piece, as published in a Japanese newspaper yesterday, he continued, “'Like with Microsoft's operating systems, it might come out with something good around the third-generation of their release.'"

My ninja style is superior to your ninja style! Prepare to DIE!

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