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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Killing Day & The Getaway Screens for Playstation 3

Image Source:

First "Killing Day" screens for Playstation 3
"Ubisoft's FPS entry into the next-generation storm at E3 surprisingly came in the form a new franchise, Killing Day for Playstation 3. Little is known at this time about the game other than what appears in these screens which were taken from a short demo at the Sony E3 Press Conference. What we do know is the game promises a lot of explosive action the current generation of consoles are unable to support. In order for us to believe that, we'll need to see something with a bigger wow factor than thugs getting gunned down by dual-wielded pistols in a ritzy shopping mall."

Image Source:

Early screen tests for "The Getaway" on Playstation 3
"These early screen tests will give you an idea of the level of detail SCE Studios Soho has already injected into the pub riddled city even at this early stage of development. Look closely and you'll see people performing different leisurely tasks, the corner of a newspaper slightly wrinkled, cars moving in traffic patterns and realistic glaring sunlight adding an extra level of realism to the entire scene. The processing power of Playstation 3 will no doubt deliver a breathtaking representation of downtown London like no game has before."

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