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Friday, June 03, 2005

First look at Fifth Phantom Saga for Playstation 3 PS3

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First look at Fifth Phantom Saga for Playstation 3

"One of the more bizarre Playstation 3 games debuted by Sony at E3 had to be Sega's Fifth Phantom Saga. At first glance this first person shooter doesn't look like anything special, that is until the floating glowing blue ghost is recognized as a friend and not a foe. Apparently this phantom will always be there, floating in the corner of screen, ready to carry out commands issued to it. Think of it as a cool looking giant swiss army knife.

There's sure to be much more revealed about the abilities of the phantom and other twists Sega plans on including over the rest of this year and into next. As long as the phantom adds to the gameplay in a unique manner without becoming an annoyance by blocking the action, Sega may be on to a neat new addition to the tired FPS genre."

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