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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Revolution 512MB Internal Flash Storage

Revolution 512MB Internal Flash Storage ???

"Internet reports suggest that Nintendo has recently revealed a few details on its Revolution...

Although an official statement has yet to be made, reports from across the net suggest that details on the Nintendo Revolution have been unveiled. Speaking during a reported conference held in Tokyo recently, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, has allegedly gone on record to claim that the Revolution will feature an internal 512MB Flash Memory storage devices for game demos and presumably classic Nintendo downloads.

Concerns as to whether this will be enough in today’s market have already begun to mount, however it’s worth remembering that the average N64 cartridge weighed in at 32MB, while SNES titles rarely pushed past 6MB. More importantly Nintendo has yet to officially address its online Revolution strategy, so it seem a little early for fanyboy criticism.

Shigeru Miyamoto reportedly also took stage to confirm that development on the Revolution controller is still progressing, suggesting that a finished model has yet to be chosen as the team are still looking at new functions and features to bring to it."

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