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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Will the real Nintendo Revolution please stand up!?!?

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"Shady source sends suspicious pics of Nintendo's next-gen console - will it be called Revo?

The web has been awash with unofficial, unconfirmed and sometimes downright unconvincing images of Nintendo's Revolution and its controller for months now.

And even though president Satoru Iwata unveiled the console at Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference, that hasn't stopped the shady pics spilling forth.

The latest batch of images landing on our desktops in a brown paper email show off a slightly redesigned Revolution casing, a new logo and a new shortened name - Revo. Still no sign of the Revolution's enigmatic controller, though.

The source of these images - who wishes to remain anonymous - claims to have a friend working for an advertising agency with links to Nintendo. These images are allegedly concept work intended exclusively for internal use amongst high-ranking Nintendo of America executives.

When we contacted Nintendo to check out the images we were unsurprisingly hit with the standard response: "Nintendo does not comment on internet rumours and speculation."

So, again, we should emphasise that these images are totally unofficial.

The redesigned Revolution shown in these images is slightly slimmer than the model shown at E3, has a less glossy casing, and has an 'R' logo engraved into the side of the console. Another image shows this logo in detail. While like everything contained in these images it remains totally unofficial, it certainly looks better than the dull logo paraded at E3.

Our source also claimed that Nintendo plans to shorten the Revolution name to 'Revo'. An Italian company is said to already own the trademark, but our source mentions that Nintendo is in negotiation to use it.

These images also offer a possible glimpse into Nintendo's plans for advertising and marketing the Revolution. Our source claims it will be Nintendo's darkest and most adult campaign yet, focussing on change and aggressively attacking the competition. You can see this rumoured attitude in the phrases "Every once in a while... Things change for the better," and "Message for the competition: Game Over."

Finally, the source claims that while no-one knows exactly when the Revolution will launch it will hit shelves sooner than expected. He claims that Nintendo does not want to lag too far behind Sony and Microsoft, and wants to surprise them with a shock launch.

Grind the gristle in your own rumour mill by checking out the images, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest official - and unofficial - next-gen happenings."

Anonymous Anonymous
Wow.. I can almost certainly say that these are totally fake. Amature computer renderings, no real sense of any graphic design at all-- tons of different fonts that aren't consistant with anything nintendo is currently using (even on their newly designed website.) Crappy logo--- Although I will say NICE use of the old VIRTUAL BOY font!  

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