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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

CONFIRMED: Xmas Xbox 360, Spring PS3, White PSP

CONFIRMED: Xmas Xbox 360, Spring PS3, White PSP

"You have to wonder how many of these dates get ”leaked” on purpose, but nearly a month after details emerged of the Nintendo Revolution’s supposed March arrival we have news from both the Microsoft and Sony fronts.

Maintaining the Nintendo is it/isn’t it an “accidental” leak feel are slides direct from a high level Sony bigwig meeting that show the console on target for a Spring launch. This is inline with comments from president Ken Kutaragi who has stated that the company will hold a “PlayStation Conference” in Japan on the “eve” of the PS3 launch. So March it looks set to be.

That said, the company will have to move some if it is to please software developers. According to this roadmap only 450 evaluation units are planned to ship this month, with only 200 more in August and a further 300 in September. Systems become more plentiful after that, but a 5/6 month turn around period for games designers is probably not what they wished for?

On the other side of this watery little rock we like to call Earth, the Evil Lord Redmond has been far more concrete. We have known for a long time that the Xbox 360 will be the first of the next generation consoles out the door, but EVL has now confirmed it is going to be on store shelves – both literal and virtual – in time for Chrimbo.

In addition, the 360’s title launch list has been hardened up so it looks like we can expect over 50 titles available from day one. Many still remain unnamed, but amongst the big guns are Quake 4, Call of Duty 2, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Ridge Racer 6, Ghost Recon 3, Tony Hawk: American Waste, NBA Live and the latest FIFA Soccer." [more]

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