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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Gates Is Confused About Licensing Xbox 360 OS

Bill Gates Is Confused About Licensing Xbox 360 OS

"It seems that Bill Gates is making once again statements that take his employees by surprise. After he declared yesterday that he is considering licensing the software which Xbox 360 operates on, Microsoft officials have issued a statement whose purpose is to clear
things up.

Microsoft officials announced today they are not planning to license Xbox 360’s software.

From the statements made yesterday by Bill Gates, one might draw the conclusion that producers will be able to manufacture Xbox clones which will be operated by the system devised by Microsoft for its own gaming console.

Today’s statement sets things right and says that Microsoft is considering allowing other companies to produce Xbox, but that is just an idea and there is no real decision in that direction.

Microsoft is determined to be the only company that produces Xbox 360, whether hardware or software."

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