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Friday, July 01, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Controller Key Word Squatting

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Nintendo Revolution Controller Key Word Squatting

By: Richard Allen

If the fake controller images were not enough, now we are getting some of the dumbest news about the mysterious peripheral that I have ever seen.

I think these headlines speak for themselves...

Revolution Controller Seen
Wow that is quite a development, someone has seen the Revolution controller.

Revolution controller is finished
I would have never expected Nintendo to make such a brave move such as manufacturing a controller.

Revolution controller discussed
This has to take the cake. You mean to tell me people are discussing the Revolution controller. UPDATE: People may be discussing the controller right now this very moment!

Here are some I am waiting to see...

Nintendo Revolution Contoller Saves Young Boy From a Shark Attack
The Revolution Controller finds a Cure for Cancer
Revolution Controller is responsible for hiding the WMD's in Iraq

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